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A drinking problem or colloquially referred to as ‘alcoholism’, ‘alcoholic’ or ‘alcohol use disorder’, is a condition in which a person has a desire or physical need to consume an alcoholic drink excessively, even though it can harm their life. The effects can be physical, psychological, and social.

If this is you and find oneself spending considerable time thinking about drinking consumption and find you are unable to control how much you consume, even if it is causing serious concerns at home, with loved ones, at work, and financially.

It is not always easy to see when your drinking habits have changed from social use to drinking substance abuse. If you are concerned about the role alcohol plays in your life, then ask yourself these questions:


  • Is drinking a glass of wine, spirit or beer never enough?
  • Am I secretive or dishonest to others, including family members, about the amount I drink?
  • I’m constantly thinking or craving about when my next drink will be?
  • I’m defensive when questioned or challenged about how much and when I drink?
  • Do I binge or drink alone in secret?
  • Do I struggle with relationships, the law, finances, or work that stems from my drinking behaviour?
  • Do I drink to help me cope with difficult situations?
  • Do other people warn me about my drinking levels?
  • Do I have an inability to control my alcohol consumption?


If you answered ‘yes‘ to any of these above questions, you might have signs and symptoms of a drinking problem. It’s advisable that you seek professional guidance and support to help cut down your drinking amount.

Often the most challenging step is acknowledging that you have alcohol dependence.  However, once you have admitted this, then you have taken the first step towards getting better and well.

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