dreams 19 Jan 2018


I remember I used to sometimes remember fragments of dreams on waking in the morning and maybe once or twice a week I would occasionally remember having a dream in the middle of the night. But all that has changed now I am une ancienne. I seem to dream most of the night every night now. Remembering all of them would be impossible. I have far too many to try to remain conscious of them all. And they do, after all, arise when we are asleep and therefore, by definition, unconscious.

Even if we could retain them in our awareness, remembering them is of secondary importance to just being in them and feeling them. Looking for their symbolic meaning once we are awake matters as much as we choose to make it matter. But dreaming itself will go on whether we try to ‘interpret’ particular meanings or not. So, what is it that dreams do?

My feeling is they give us secret access to every possible alternative reality we can imagine.  Secret in the sense of our waking awareness, that is. We may remember some sequences from some dreams, or just some fragmentary images, but either way very little indeed when it comes down to it. What matters is simply being in our dreams, having them and being had by them. I would argue it matters to them too.

Why? Is it to give us access to all the parallel worlds that can possibly exist? And to give them access to ours? I would think there is no doubt whatsoever about that, if only because that’s the way it seems to be. But more specifically, which of all the possible worlds needs us the most?

Is it the dead we need to feel and hear and listen to? If so, what are they wanting to tell us? What is so important to them that they still weave themselves into the narratives of our dreams?

Possible answers to these questions can only be put generally in this blog. Generally then, it seems to me that the past and future dead want us to be much more aware of how important our feelings are. We already know fairly well about the importance of facts and actions and relationships, but we seem to know very little of how and why feelings matter. It is as if the dead want to tell us they should have reflected more upon their emotional drives and responses before and after they flew into relationships, actions and facts. They seem to want to tell us this is why we should make emotional connections across all the parallel worlds they let us into while we sleep. Love, hate, joy, envy, rivalry, teamwork, sadness, elation, etc, etc. These are the things that we need to know better in ourselves if we want to improve the quality of our lives and make the world, and all the parallel worlds we visit in our dreams, a better place or places in which to live.

Blog written by Caroline Cairns Clery, Family Psychotherapist at The Surrey Centre

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