Our approach is adapted to your needs. We will help you to explore the unconscious processes that cause emotional distress and prevent you from feeling at peace with yourself

Many years' experience in the heart of Surrey Hills



Set in a beautiful, quiet part of the Surrey countryside, in an old school house dating from 1875, The Surrey Centre has grown and developed and now has a diverse team of 16 therapists, dietitians and support staff. One key feature of The Surrey Centre’s work is that it’s fully integrated, individually based perspective that combines the most appropriate therapeutic approach and expertise. 



The word ‘psyche’ dates back to the 17th century Greek, meaning, ‘breath, life, soul, spirit’.

The purpose and practice of psychotherapy then, must mean the ‘healing of breath, life, soul and spirit’. Upon closer scrutiny, however, it seems doubtful, or even questionable that much of what takes place in our consulting rooms could be argued to fit that description, either knowingly or unknowingly.

In addition, what is just as absent in many or most of the psychotherapy trainings is any substantive or in-depth exploration into the healing of the soul, or how the soul, spirit and breath can be met with, and “known” as the true guide to individuation as it relates to the imminent-transcendent





Attunement to the Spirit of the Depths of all things, especially that of yourself and your patient.  In silence and through contemplation and meditation, you will come to discern the images, symbols and other guides coming in and out of mind and body as they work toward the healing of you and your patient.

This requires careful consideration and the skill of discernment of spirit to know clearly the difference between that which offers consolation and that which seeks desolation of the patient.

It is often said that “transpersonal” experience and ways of “working” are difficult to teach. This experiential therapy offers the opportunity for immersion within and understanding of attunement of Spirit, of the Depths of Spirit, of Soul work and Transformation. It suggests that this “healing of breath, life, soul and spirit”, is what Carl Jung knew and his legacy is about.

We work with individuals, including young people (13+) and adults across all communities who have a difficult relationship with ‘Self’ and other behavioual issues.

We believe that by giving sufferers the skills to change their lives and offering a safe environment in which to address underlying emotional issues, they can begin to live a life free from the fear, secrecy and shame associated with their own circumstances.

Please call for an informal discussion – this will be a chance for you to learn more about us, ask any questions you have and hear about the way we work. It will be a time for us to listen and talk with you to discuss if The Surrey Centre is the most appropriate service for you.


Our passion is to find truth, compassion and transformation in our struggle

Core Services Offered

Dietetic Services

The Surrey Centre’s Nutrition Philosophy is based on nutrition and a healthy relationship with food thereby promoting a balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Family Therapy

At The Surrey Centre we use an integrated method of therapy, drawing on different therapeutic approaches and adapting them to meet individual clients needs.

One to One Therapy

At The Surrey Centre, we are able to work together with partners, parents, siblings and children helping them understand how to help their loved one. When appropriate we invite the whole family to participate in sessions when feelings and experiences can be shared.

Family Education And Support

We understand that it is not only the individual with an eating disorder that needs support and that, often, a wider impact is felt by the whole family. We have put together a Family Education Programme offering a range of practical, dietetic help and advice alongside counselling and emotional support.