Carrie Clery

Pyres Of Birds

Imagine this: you are omnipotent and omniscient but deeply flawed by the absence of genuine love. Just because you are so powerful and all-knowing you cannot love, nor be loved freely, and you have feelings about that knowing that to be genuinely, authentically loving and loved you have to relinquish your knowledge, power and control […]

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To better know and understand our feelings few would disagree that insightfulness is helpful. But in and of itself insight changes very little. Unconscious, psycho-biologically driven behaviours are not much influenced at all by how much we know about them. Clients and patients make this clear to me over and over again in their struggles

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Getting Better

Mixed feelings. Patients and clients at The Surrey Centre often admit that they both do and do not want to get better. Both/And! They see this as a fault, as a failing, and too often they feel ashamed of it when actually it is a truth of the human condition that we often, if not

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