Most people go through times in their life when they feel down in the dumps – it’s a normal part of life. But when these feelings take hold and it becomes increasingly difficult to shake them off then they can have a spiralling effect leading to more extreme feelings of hopelessness, emptiness, loneliness.

If you can identify with any of the following, then you may want to consider seeking some help:

  • You have ongoing feelings of hopelessness
  • You often feel tearful, for no apparent reason
  • You find it difficult to focus or concentrate for any length of time
  • You feel constantly sad
  • You have difficulty with sleeping
  • You no longer have an interest in other people’s lives

It is not unusual for somebody with depression to find the thought of tackling their depression as overwhelming. This can be a symptom of the depression you are living with. However, talking to somebody about your feelings can help you reframe your negative thinking and lead you in a more positive direction.

Surrey Centre Services

Dietetic Services

The Surrey Centre’s Nutrition Philosophy is based on nutrition and a healthy relationship with food thereby promoting a balanced diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

One to One Therapy

At The Surrey Centre we use an integrated method of therapy, drawing on different therapeutic approaches and adapting them to meet individual clients needs.

Family Therapy

At The Surrey Centre, we are able to work together with partners, parents, siblings and children helping them understand how to help their loved one. When appropriate we invite the whole family to participate in sessions when feelings and experiences can be shared

Family Education And Support Programme

We understand that it is not only the individual with an eating disorder that needs support and that, often, a wider impact is felt by the whole family. We have put together a Family Education Programme offering a range of practical, dietetic help and advice alongside counselling and emotional support.


As a first step we recommend you come for an assessment. You will be guided through the process by one of our therapists. During the assessment you will have a chance to get a feel for how we work, time to tell us your story, to explain to us what you hope to gain from therapy and what your reservations might be.

Referrals to The Surrey Centre

Referrals to The Surrey Centre for Counselling & Psychotherapy can be made via self referral, GP, Consultant Psychiatrist/Psychologist, Psychotherapist/Counsellor or other appropriate professional.

Psychiatric Services

If you are referred to The Surrey Centre by a psychiatrist we will, with your agreement, work closely with them to ensure you receive a complete package of care. For some of our clients meeting the team at The Surrey Centre is the first point of contact. If at any point we feel the support of a Psychiatrist would be beneficial we will recommend this to you.